The Mediae Company

David Campbell

David runs operations in Kenya and has over 35 years’ experience working in development communications. He was given an OBE in 2008 for his work supporting education and development in Africa through media. Outside of work, David loves going on motorbike adventures.

Kate Lloyd Morgan

Kate runs the UK office, building relationships with donors and supporting project initiatives. She has worked extensively in the area of development communications; in particular radio, research and lecturing on C4D. Kate loves cooking home-grown produce from her smallholding (Shamba!) in Oxfordshire.

Patricia Gichinga

Pat has worked for Mediae since 2007, producing KnowZone, Makutano Junction and managing the production of Shamba Shape Up. She is exceptionally organised and brings a great wealth of insight and charisma into all projects. Outside of work, Pat loves to walk her vast menagerie of Great Danes.

Steve Njenga

Steve has been with Mediae since 2009 and makes sure all our invoices, accounts and other financial matters are well looked after! Steve is a great family man and when not spending time with them he loves to watch rugby and football. He supports Arsenal and AFC Leopards. He’s also a petrol-head and one of the office’s resident experts on all car related problems.

Anne-Marie Steyn

Anne-Marie is responsible for ensuring that all project activities are carried out according to the project schedule and on-budget. She identifies and manages relationships with partners, liasing with donors and oversees management of the production crew. Anne Marie also ensures that topics accurately reflect research findings, partner content input in an engaging, entertaining and relevant way and makes sure that productions are of top quality. She is a sustainability expert with a background in vegetable, horticulture and dairy farming in Kenya. In her spare time she manages a farm in Naivasha.

Cara Nora

Cara Nora is the new series producer of Shamba Shape Up, responsible for liaising with the partners, donors and content for the series. She is also the head of communications, managing content across programs to enhance the link between our partners and target audience. She has a diverse international background developed in marketing, product communication, market research and supply chain management. Outside of work, she enjoys playing tennis and sailing.

Ken Pugh

Ken is our current Shamba Shape Up director. He comes with a wealth of experience making documentaries for BBC World News on environment and development issues, many of which were filmed throughout Africa. Outside of filming and editing he enjoys holidays on his wooden clinker-built sail boat, navigating the tidal swatchways of the Thames estuary.

Judy Nyawira

Judy is the Production Manager for Shamba Shape Up. She plays an imperative role working on location to co-ordinate the filming of the program and handles all the logistics that comes with it. She also manages the film-crew and is the contact person for our sponsors, in the field. In her spare time Judy loves to travel, and has recently taken a liking to fitness.

Patrick Serro

Patrick runs all of Mediae’s radio operations, as well as deals with the sound of the programmes. Serro loves to act and can often be found in the theatre. Serro also produces the Shamba Shape Up radio show, which started in early 2015.

Mercy Muriuki

Mercy is another member of the video editing team. She works mainly on the editing of the children’s show, Know Zone and of our drama, Makutano Junction. Mercy is a film buff and loves going to the cinema.

Kay Gumba

Kay is one of the video editors who works within the office to edit the film that is taken within the field for Shamba Shape Up. Outside the office, Kay loves telling stories to her little boy, Telo.

Mkaiwawi Mwakaba

Mercy Mkaiwawi (mKay for short) has an impressive repertoire having worked on, to mention a few, various Kenyan TV drama series’ and the award winning feature film, 'Nairobi Half Life’. Currently, she works freelance as part of the Shamba Shape Up editing team. She has also joined the Makutano Junction writing team and is training in drama directing. Away from work, mKay is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys the arts and travel scene.

Steve Hobbs

With over 15 years of making programmes for broadcast, Steve has joined our team to direct our new series, Shamba Chef. He previously worked at Discovery, ITV, Reuters and BBC World, to name a few, filming a wide range of genres in Eastern Congo, Haiti, Sudan, Palestine and the Myanmar/Bangladesh border. Outside of the office realm, he enjoys playing football and spending quality time with his family.

Ann Kamuyu

Ann, having worked primarily on Mediae’s SMS Platform, has now moved to the iShamba office as iShamba Product Manager. She works to keep iShamba reaching its targets, the social media and keeping the call centre online. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys hiking and the outdoors.

Sarah Mollie Wanaga

Sarah Mollie is a one-man army, working as a video editor on all of Mediae’s TV programs. She is a problem-solver and is always ready to lend her hand where it is needed. In her spare time, Mollie loves reading and going on road-trips.

Mark Kinuthia

Mark is the Head of Animation at The Mediae Company. His excellent drawing skills are seen on all the shows, but in particular in Know Zone and in the Shamba Shape Up leaflet. In his spare time he loves to read and paint.

Louise Keyworth

Louise is Education Manager for Mediae in Rwanda. She was a primary teacher for a while before joining Children’s BBC, which led onto managing Arts Education and Development projects in Africa and the UK. She lives in Kigali with her family and enjoys having adventures.

Nicholas Keru

Nicholas is an assistant editor on all of Mediae’s productions. recieve all the footage. Arrange and rename it then distribute it to the editors. He also manages the YouTube channel, AfricaKnowledgeZone, keeping it up to date with our programs. When he’s not at work he’ll be at a rugby game, taking a jog, at the gym or catching up with the latest films.

Vanessa Mukhebi

Vanessa works to develop communications and markerting strategies for Mediae and its programmes. As an avid writer, she manages the websites, social media and various communications, and also assists in carrying out research and writing reports. She is a self-confessed food connoisseur, and a lover of all things fitness and nature-related.

Stanley Kimani

Stanley is Mediae’s technical support , overseeing the IT infrastructure of the company. He also manages the SMS database. He supports Manchester United and enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends.

The Mediae Trust

Elaine Pyke

Elaine Pyke is the Head of Drama for Sky1 Drama. Elaine joined Sky in 2004 and has since commissioned a variety of stand-out programmes including Mile High, Dream Team, Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic and Terry Pratchett’s The Hogfather, the two-time BAFTA award winning drama. She has been a Trustee since 2000 and has spent time in Kenya working with Mediae where she storylined and worked with the Kenyan team in scripting Makutano Junction.

Carole Wainaina

Carole is the Group HR Director for Eurasia and Africa (EAG) for the Coca-Cola Company, responsible for all aspects of human resources and a key member of the EAG leadership team. She likes to participate actively in community initiatives, particularly in support of the education and development of girls and young women. She has been a Trustee since 2000.

Rose Njuguna

Rose was born and grew up in Kenya. She trained as a teacher and spent fourteen years teaching English at one of Kenya’s most renowned boys’ secondary schools. In September 2010 she left Kenya to pursue further studies in the UK, completing a Master’s degree in Education, Gender and International Development at the Institute of Education, University of London.

Bridget Harney

Bridget is editor of the award winning radio documentary strand 'Assignment’ which is broadcast on the BBC World Service. She works for the BBC Radio Current Affairs which also makes documentaries for the BBC Four. Bridget has worked at the BBC for over twenty years. Educated in the UK, but raised in Iran and Kenya, Bridget has always had a keen interest in current affairs. She is a frequent visitor to Kenya and has been a trustee since 2013.

Simon Allen

Simon had a twenty year career in the Army, mostly spent overseas in Germany, Cyprus, Canada and the USA. He left the Army in 2000, working in the mobile telecoms and IT sectors in the UK and Rwanda. After four years in Rwanda he returned to the UK in 2010 as Operations Director for the Born Foundation Foundation, a wildlife conservation charity supporting projects throughout Africa and Asia. He became a trustee in 2013 and took over as Chair of Trustees in May 2014. He is currently based in London as a freelance consultant, whilst running an olive oil business as a sideline.