Television Production

We are currently producing three educative and entertaining television shows for the East African audience. Highly researched content and two-way engagement ensures that we consistently serve and sustain huge, diverse audiences.

Shamba Shape Up, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

Shamba Shape Up is a practical, make-over style farmer TV series aimed at East Africa’s rapidly growing rural and peri-urban television audience aiming to give both farmer and audience the practical tools and knowledge they need to improve productivity and income on their farms ('shambas’). Focused on agricultural development, the series shows how different practical and accessible methods and approaches can bring about significant livelihood improvements on small farms, often at very low, or even no, cost.

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Makutano Junction, Kenya

Makutano Junction is a weekly drama series set in a typical peri-urban East African town. The drama follows the lives, loves, frustrations and successes of a small African community living in a context and a manner familiar to tens of millions of people on the continent. Through the carefully written script and a cast of familiar characters, Makutano Junction models real-life dramas and dilemmas as well as their solutions. It highlights basic rights and injustices while demonstrating remedies and best practices. The results are loyal weekly audiences of multiple millions across Africa.

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Know Zone, Kenya, Rwanda

Kenya’s first ever children’s educational television programme aims to bring first-class entertainment and education directly into the homes and lives of Kenyan children and their families. Know Zone works to raise the educational standards of young Kenyans by improving their grasp of key literacy and numeracy syllabus requirements. Life skills messages ranging from information about children’s rights and responsibilities to key health concepts and ideas, are also covered through short dramas, storytelling and a studio based ‘advice zone’. And in Kenya’s changing socio-political environment the programme also addresses issues such as ethnicity, peace building and diversity.

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Farm Africa, Kenya

Mediae documented the most successful projects implemented by Farm Africa under the Mandeleo Agricultural Technology Fund (MATF). This resulted in the production of handbook, a series of short videos on six specific projects and a report/presentation for Farm Africa.

School Shape Up, Kenya

School Shape Up was a four part documentary series, aired in Kenya on Citizen TV in 2008, which followed the turn-around of Marsabit Girls Secondary School, a remote school struggling to deliver quality education in the deserts of the far north of Kenya. Led by an inspiring headmistress and assisted by the remarkable appropriate-technology inventions of Ugandan Professor Moses Musaazi, Marsabit Girls School is transformed as affordable new classrooms are built alongside water storage tanks, rainwater harvesting systems, new toilets and incinerators. Mediae captured the extraordinary, but all too common challenges facing African schools process in the four half-hour episodes of School Shape Up, and showed how simple, low cost technologies can make huge contributions.