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Makutano Junction has been on air from 2007 with a regular audience in Kenya of over 6.5 million viewers, together with viewers in other countries. Mediae’s team of East African writers and film-makers craft the series as a carefully balanced drama and popular development communications tool, so that viewers are attracted by the gripping, high quality entertainment each week and doubly rewarded with relevant, practical information.

We collaborate closely with a variety of different information providers – researchers, scientists, government departments, bilateral donors, NGOs – who wish to communicate information on issues related to governance, education, health, agriculture and social matters. Whatever it is, Mediae’s creative team will meet with the information providers and weave the information into the script writing process.

In 2015-2016 Makutano Junction will cover the following topics: tracking education of children, improving education in schools through teacher and parent participation, women’s empowerment and agribusiness entrepreneurship.