We have over past years made short videos for NGOs and other development organisations. We also make promotional videos, longer documentary style programmes used as advocacy tools with policy makers and training videos which can be used as part of a package and delivered within an organisation. Our most recent video project has been with a number of organisations focussed on the treatment of the medical condition epilepsy who contacted Mediae to help make a short film about the disease, its symptoms, treatment and how to control the condition. Mediae offered the help of our Makutano Junction cast, who came in to play the parts of the epileptic child, doctors and surrounding family. The film has been a huge success, with many other organisations becoming interested in the work we do. Since the release of the film, epilepsy awareness has been raised and we hope to see more improvements towards the way people with epilepsy are treated throughout Africa. Since the end of filming for this film, Mediae has been in discussions to move to towards creating another film discussing the effects of autism in society with the help of a variety of mental health organisations, both country and Africa wide.

Iodine Deficiency Communication Campaign UNICEF, Tanzania

Mediae worked with UNICEF in the devising of a national communication campaign to encourage the production and consumption of iodised salt. Iodine deficiency is particularly acute in Tanzania and causes serious mental and physical problems amongst some Tanzanians. The communications campaign, aimed to raise awareness and change behaviour surrounding iodised salt.